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Cathal Garvey

The biohacking movement, which appeared in the U.S. in the late 2000s, has now spread to Europe. The idea is…
David Weinberger

Linear narrative might be good for fiction, but it is no longer adapted to reality, says American commentator David Weinberger.
Frederik Jørgensen

Without any technical expertise, four Danes have created award-winning upmarket headphones. Frederik Jørgensen, a co-founder of AIAIAI, describes the challenges…
Bird clones

Annoying to some but completely normal to others, copying has become an established business model in the world of start-ups…
Daniela Castrataro

Crowdfunding demands a well-planned communication strategy, explains Daniela Castrataro, co-founder of the Future of Crowdfunding conference.
Infographic showing facts and figures on the current and planned use of nuclear power in European countries as well as their views (pro-nuke and anti-nuke). The infographic also shows figures on nuclear waste in Europe, and reactors under construction worldwide.

Since the Fukushima disaster, Europe has been divided on nuclear power. In the east, splitting the atom remains a popular…
Photo of an Aedes aegypti mosquito

In an effort to combat dengue fever, Brazil has authorised the dissemination of a transgenic insect. Now the question is:…
Tanja Lange

In the wake of the American whistleblower’s revelations of wholesale government spying, the public is increasingly concerned about the safety…
Synapse with 60 types of proteins

A stunning 3D reconstruction unveils the molecular machinery of a neuronal connection.
Green lacewing larva

Researchers are constantly inventing new techniques to push the limits of light microscopy. Here are four spectacular examples.