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Marcus Ruessel_CEO gigmit

Berlin-based start-up Gigmit connects musicians and concert organisers through an online platform, hoping to revolutionise the market.

An Austrian start-up helps machines understand human language.  
Birgit Vogel Tum

"Many people think Industry 4.0 is something you can buy off the shelf"
Frederik Brantner Farbe

German start-up improves warehouse automation. 

"What's important to us is the overall concept, not just winning the competition."

Izanami Martínez is implementing a new, more efficient way to see the doctor – but several hurdles still remain, including…
Niels Carsten Bluhme

A Danish expert explains his strategy for making urban life sustainable and liveable.

Technology Will Save Us teaches programming using toys in a whole new way.

In eastern mythologies, this fruit is a symbol of eternal life. Swiss researchers have now revealed how one of its…
Travis Todd

On the continent, Berlin is among the cities best placed to profit from the British vote.