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Every issue of Technologist presents a number of infographics on featured topics. Below you will find an online version of selected material.

Europe still relies strongly on plant- protection products, despite regulations and known risks.
Air pollution

The fight against air pollution has shown impressive results over the past 40 years, yet small airborne particles still kill.
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World Wide Web.
Wikipedia infographics

It's an open secret that everyone from school children to serious professionals relies on Wikipedia, more than they are willing…
world of waste

If no drastic measures are taken to reduce the trash we generate, population growth will outpace our capacity to treat…

Mapping patents per million inhabitants. Guess who's the biggest!
Carbon footprint

Should you drive an electric car? Eat an apple that travelled halfway around the world? The answer will depend on…
climate engineering

As things stand, the Earth’s future does not look rosy.
Infographic illustrating body parts that can be created artificially, including legs, vagina, pancreas, kidneys, lungs, trachea, larynx, eyes, liver, heart, hands and ears

Hearts, livers, even eyes: bionic man can now be created in the lab.