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Every issue of Technologist presents a number of infographics on featured topics. Below you will find an online version of selected material.
European Earthquakes

How can Europe protect itself from earthquakes when prediction remains an inexact science?

As holey as Swiss cheese, the Alps contain hundreds of kilometres of tunnels – and Alpine nations keeps digging deeper. 

Serious cooperation across the continent will be essential to keep air travel safe, efficient and sustainable.
The power of dams

Hydro is the top source of renewable electricity in Europe, but environmentalists are concerned about the proliferation of new projects. 
Resources at risk

Humanity’s consumption of limited raw materials is accelerating. 

Europe still relies strongly on plant- protection products, despite regulations and known risks.
Air pollution

The fight against air pollution has shown impressive results over the past 40 years, yet small airborne particles still kill.
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World Wide Web.
Wikipedia infographics

It's an open secret that everyone from school children to serious professionals relies on Wikipedia, more than they are willing…