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Faced with growing challenges, Europe can rely on its scientists to ensure its future competitiveness. Solutions range from better information…

Recent months have seen a major increase in cybercrime. But that’s not the only threat to our private information.
Technologist Issue 13

A universal basic income would mitigate the negative effects of automation. But it might be more effective if combined with…

To reach their full potential, the most innovative European start-ups often have no choice but to let American giants buy…

Artificial intelligence raises thorny questions that will be keeping human brains very busy.

Enough already with the doomsayers and demagogues. Support for research can be a powerful argument on the campaign trail.
Technologist magazine 5

There has never been a better time to be alive, at least for most people in developed societies.
The front page of Technologist magazine issue 4. Main illustration: drawing of a human face with prominent nose, and various cloud-like shapes in different colours depicting scents

For more than 40 years – ever since the Great Oil Crisis of 1973 – scientists, governments and media have…