Carbon footprints: A plethora of paradoxes

Home Infographics Carbon footprints: A plethora of paradoxes

Should you drive an electric car? Eat an apple that travelled halfway around the world? The answer will depend on many factors that are not always obvious.

Carbon footprint


Journalist: Luc Henry & Céline Bilardo / @heluc & @ClineBi

Graphics: Benjamin Schulte 

Sources: Sources: Worldwide energy production from renewable energy sources. Observatoire des Energies renouvelables (2013) – Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center. Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2010) – Steen-Olsen et al. Norwegian University of Science and Technology (2012) – Institut für Energie und Umweltforschung Heidelberg – EcoPassenger Calculator – Montalbo, Gregory and Kirchain. Materials Systems Laboratory, MIT – Quantis, Lausanne – Hawkins, Singh, Majeau-Bettez, and Strømman. Norwegian University of Science and Technology (2012) – Canals, Cowell, Sim and Basson, University of Surrey (2007)


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