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The country has a knack with mobile phones. Not only was it home to industry giant Nokia, but it’s now a leading player in mobile phone game apps, with such industry heavyweights as Clash of Clans creator Supercell and Angry Birds’ Rovio. Here’s a look at what it will take to keep winning.

Angry Birds Finland

In just one year, no fewer than three Finnish video-game companies have floated on the stock market. KooPee Hiltunen, director of the association Neogames.fi,...

From an environmental standpoint, marine exploitation has been a catastrophe. New research and technological innovation are showing the way towards more sustainable oceans.

racing catamaran

If the oceans were a national economy, they would rank seventh, with an annual value of €2.1 trillion. This calculation comes from UNESCO, which...

Whether it wants to or not, Germany’s auto industry is embracing the hottest technologies. In the Bavarian capital, start-ups and higher-education institutions are driving the shift.

Founding Team and Eagle

Munich’s Digital Product School isn’t your ordinary school. Since its opening in April 2017, employees from major automotive groups and the digital sector have...

As Chinese research increasingly dominates science, Danish universities have set up a centre in Beijing to foster exchanges.

Industriens Fond China

China is now second in the world for the number of scientific papers published, right behind the US. Last year their list of patents...

Gordon Willoughby

WeTransfer is a Dutch start-up expanding into the US and into mobiles, while remaining faithful to its user base: the creative scene. The new...

Faced with growing challenges, Europe can rely on its scientists to ensure its future competitiveness. Solutions range from better information to tiny particles that travel at the speed of light.

technologist Magazine

When it comes to research, Europe does not have it easy. It must limit carbon emissions, but without compromising its competitiveness; it must develop...

Intelligence vs. Pollution


Concrete : the new generation Concrete is the world’s most ubiquitous construction material – but it comes with a hefty environmental cost. The cement and...