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Gordon Willoughby

WeTransfer is a Dutch start-up expanding into the US and into mobiles, while remaining faithful to its user base: the creative scene. The new...

Faced with growing challenges, Europe can rely on its scientists to ensure its future competitiveness. Solutions range from better information to tiny particles that travel at the speed of light.

technologist Magazine

When it comes to research, Europe does not have it easy. It must limit carbon emissions, but without compromising its competitiveness; it must develop...

Intelligence vs. Pollution


Concrete : the new generation Concrete is the world’s most ubiquitous construction material – but it comes with a hefty environmental cost. The cement and...

Taking pictures of thousands of snowflakes from three different angles to improve the accuracy of snowfall measurements and winter weather forecasts.

Using a special multi-angle camera, EPFL researchers have gained important insights into the structure of snowflakes. Their aim is to improve the accuracy of...