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3D spheroid of cultivated breast cancer cells

New mechanism for the formation of metastases revealed.
Shfaqat Abbas Khan

"Your view on ice completely changes when you're up there."

A new miniature robot developed by EPFL researchers can swim with fish, learn how they communicate with each other and…
Quantum physics

You would not expect diamonds to have anything to do with cancer treatment. But they can actually improve patients’ chances…
Brain Chemistry EPFL

A minimally invasive way to collect data from our brains.
Emojis and emotions

With 64 emojis and DKK 1.2 billion tweets, an algorithm has learned to recognize sarcasm in text messages. The method…
self-healing materials

A cross-disciplinary research project, mimicking plants to create self-healing composite materials.
Art conservation

Short light pulses help to reveal secret drawings under the paint of a 16th century art relic. The advanced technology…