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Mapping patents per million inhabitants. Guess who's the biggest!

Rapidly evolving camera technology is changing our very notion of photography. What's next?
Lower Manhattan at night

Modern illumination is not only much more efficient, but increasingly responsive to the rhythms of human life.

Everywhere you turn, optical engineering is at the heart of new technologies. No wonder 2015 has been named the Year of…

For most organisms the absence of light is vital, too!
Marilyne Andersen

Over tens of thousands of years our bodies evolved an exquisitely reliable metronome, a biological clock tuned to one of…

Inspired by Skype, ambitious entrepreneurs have the confidence to believe their dreams can come true.
Jaan Tallinn. Photo: Annika Haas

Estonian programmer Jaan Tallinn helped create the file-sharing application Kazaa and then the famous video-call system. Now he wants to…
Taavi Kotka

From medical records to taxes to ID cards, Estonians rely on – and trust – information technology more than any…