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Portrait photo of Marten Blankesteijn

Marten Blankesteijn, co-founder of Blendle, the new Dutch start-up whose app is already being referred to as the iTunes of…
Photo of James Roberts demonstrating his MOM prototype to James Dyson

An inexpensive incubator that’s easy to use, ultra-mobile and adapted to disaster zones: James Roberts’ clever invention won the 2014…
Infographic illustrating body parts that can be created artificially, including legs, vagina, pancreas, kidneys, lungs, trachea, larynx, eyes, liver, heart, hands and ears

Hearts, livers, even eyes: bionic man can now be created in the lab.
Portrait photo of Diana Deca

A neuroscientist and her peers imagine a different system.
Stylised drawing of eyes in a rectangular pattern

More than one million scientific articles are published every year. The process that was established to control their quality is…
Portrait photo of Udo Helmbrecht

From organised crime to technical failures, Europe’s cyber-defender sees no shortage of challenges.
Illustration of pixelated dollar symbol on black background

Cybercrime has gone mainstream – to the distress not only of individuals but also of targets as large as American…

Canines still take the lead when it comes to sniffing out smells. But the latest research shows that machines are…
Photo of rows of antique books on shelves

Hundreds of volatile compounds give new and old books their distinctive and bewitching smells.
Photo of Jean-Claude Ellena, creator of Hermès perfumes, sniffing samples of perfumes

The exclusive creator of Hermès perfumes, Jean-Claude Ellena revisits four decades of a brilliant career, revealing a glimpse of his…