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Nordhavn Copenhagen

A sustainable living lab in Copenhagen!

500 years German beer purity law: Interview with TUM Professor Thomas Becker. 
Bionic finger

An amputee feels rough or smooth textures in real-time — in his phantom hand — using an artificial fingertip connected…

World’s first mini particle accelerator for high-brilliance X-rays at TUM. 

Computer algorithms predict next characters to be eliminated in “Game of Thrones”.

How do waste products obtain value as part of new building materials? That is the fundamental question Lisbeth M. Ottosen…

What if an alternative to electricity was acid?

Measuring microplastics in the sea.
EPFL Microfluidic device

A portable and low-cost diagnostic device has been developed at EPFL. This microfluidic tool, which has been tested with Ebola,…