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Horse crab

Researchers are developing new biodegradable food packaging materials from chitin, a common seafood.
Wood pellets

Study investigates impacts of the material and energetic utilisation of wood.
Odeon of Herodus Atticus

Does the view equal the sound? That is the question asked by six students in search for ancient greeks’ acousitcs…
Ship wreck behind round porthole in white and blue wall

Old sea-dogs would tell you that many antifouling methods have historically been implemented to combat the ever growing biofouling. New…
Breath sensor

What if you smartphone could detect certain types of cancer in your breathe?
Tech_Prof. Hendrik Dietz_DNA Origami

Arm-waving nanorobot signals new flexibility in DNA origami.
JellyFish Barge

A system made from recycled waste represents a solution for producing food without consuming land, energy and fresh water.
Diagram depicting online dating

Since its online debut in 2012, Tinder has dominated the world of online dating. But the competition is hot on…
Portrait photo of Marie-Paule Kieny

The world is not adequately prepared for epidemics like Ebola, says health expert Marie-Paule Kieny.
Photo of Gregor Wolbring, sitting in a wheelchair.

The subject of a special report in Technologist (July 2014), human augmentation elicits reactions that are not unanimously positive.