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Frederic Jacobs

Computer-science wizard Frederic Jacobs creates a new app that makes cryptography seamless and freely available to millions of mobile users.
climate engineering

As things stand, the Earth’s future does not look rosy.
Concept of aging

Age is so much more than years elapsed since your date of birth.
Two different ideas in confrontation. Concept drawn with marker on transparent wipe board.

The vision of a world in which everyone lives longer and better is attractive – but for societies the changes…
From mayflies to clams: the longevity of animals

Between crocodiles and elephants, humans are not doing so bad on the longevity scale. Here are 8 facts to help…

Life spans in the developed world have doubled over the past two centuries – and each decade we are adding…
Hervé Pillaud

The names of his calves, Hashtag and Jpeg, were suggested by his 3,200 followers. Hervé Pillaud, a farmer in the…
Grapes irrigation

Is France ready? One winery has taken the plunge, using real-time sap flow measurements to more accurately manage the irrigation…
Cow in VMS

Farmers, technophobic? Hardly. To improve crop yields, reduce costs and move towards more sustainable practices, the agricultural world is turning…
Vertical farming

LEDs are cool enough to fuelling vertical farming.