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Every day, most of us transmit personal data over the Internet. Secure communication is thus an absolute necessity. Photos, videos, PDF…
Ice bride project by TU Eindhoven in Finland

About 100 students and volunteers from different countries will travel to the Finnish Juuka this winter to build an ice…
Halfway station at Männlichen peak, near Holenstein, swiss alps.

EU-funded researchers have developed the world's first 5G radio channel model; an innovation that will help set future mobile industry…
Scientists at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL / Switzerland) have developed a brain-machine interface that disable people can use to remotely control a telepresence robot.

Using a telepresence system developed at EPFL, 19 people – including nine quadriplegics – were able to remotely control a…
Stone carving in Persepolis

The bombing of Palmyra's archaeological site in Syria has been massively spread on social media. Sadely, it's not an isolated…

Life cycle assessments of a windmill, from cradle to grave. What about the environmental impact?
Blood test run by the pocket lab created by Qloudlab. (Photo: Alain Herzog)

A sort of Swiss army knife of medical tests.
Taking herrings out of the net. Two men working hard after a great catch in the Baltic, Denmark

A major European project intends to make the fishing industry more sustainable.
Daria Tataj

With 20 percent GDP growth over the past five years, Poland has become an important player in the European economy.…
George Church

The woolly mammoth has come one step closer to resurrection.