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The Visio.M electric car

An attractive, affordable, safe and comfortable electric car with a reasonable driving range: that was the goal of the German…
Bird clones

Annoying to some but completely normal to others, copying has become an established business model in the world of start-ups…
Submarine robots breaking the ocean surface

Submarine robots 'talking' to each other in a language related to that of whales and dolphins are being cast to…
Auke Ijspeert

Biorobotics, which aims to design more efficient robots based on locomotion solutions developed by the animal world, is providing new…
Image of a LED power supply and a much smaller prototype

Portable computers will soon be able to do away with the power supply transformer – today the heaviest accessory in…
Synapse with 60 types of proteins

A stunning 3D reconstruction unveils the molecular machinery of a neuronal connection.
Green lacewing larva

Researchers are constantly inventing new techniques to push the limits of light microscopy. Here are four spectacular examples.
Image of a cell skeleton

Super-resolution techniques have pushed back the limits of optics, becoming an essential tool in the life sciences.
Infographic. A camera that sees the invisible.

By revealing colour gradations, hyperspectral imaging can detect everything from gas leaks to melanoma.
The PRECEYES Surgical System

A Dutch university spinoff has developed a robot that enables eye surgeons to operate with 10 to 20 times higher…